Aged Mosaic

Aged Mosaic Tag
Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro

  1. Go to effects, Aged Newspaper.
  2. Amount to age, type in 100, or whatever you wish for your image, click ok.
  3. Selection tool, Rectangle, Replace, 0, Feather. Anti alias checked.
  4. Select a section of your image as I have here and leave this selected.
  5. Go to effects, 3 D Effects, Dropped Shadow (I am only putting half a screen shot as this is all that is needed). Type in the settings below. The color used is not black it is dark brown.
  6. Click Ok. Go to Adjust, Automatic Contrast Enhancement.
  7. Type in these settings - (Save the setting by hitting the blue disc).
  8. OK. Leave selected. Go to Effects, Texture Effects, Mosaic Antique.
  9. Type in these settings. (Save the setting if you wish to keep it).
  10. Click Ok. Go to Adjust, Hue And Saturation, Colorize, type in these settings or use your own.
  11. Make several different shape selections around your graphic. Use the mosaic on some areas and not on others, change your colors if you wish.
  12. I used Ellipse too. Here is mine in miniature to give you an idea. Keep doing this until you have a layout that you like. Screenshot 11
  13. Selections Deselect. Once you have made all your selections and repeated your effects on them then it's one last auto enhance on the whole graphic. Now you can use it as a template or on its own add your enhancements, dings, etc.

Just have fun!