Bezier Heart

Bezier Heart
Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Bezier Wire

This is a tutorial that will teach you how to use preset shapes and the drawing tool set to Bezier to make stunning wire and mesh effects!

  1. Open a new transparent image, 600px x 600px, set your foreground to "The BlazeWire" gradient, background set to null.
  2. Select your Preset Shape Tool, uncheck retain style, check create as a vector, set line width to 3, select Heart1.
  3. Draw a good sized heart in the center of your canvas, pull it into shape using the side handles, go to Layers - Convert to Rastor Layer. Then 3D Effects Inner Bevel - Blaze_HeartwireBev from the top dropdown menu. Click apply.
  4. Get your drawing tool.
  5. Bezier, Blazewire Gradient still on your foreground, anti alias and create as vector checked, line width 3.
  6. Take your line straight from top center of your heart to bottom center and release
  7. Now, with your mouse go half way up that line, moving a few centimeters away from your straight line, Click!! Go across to the other side and click again! You will see your line is now wavy!! Practice if you do not get it straight away.
  8. Go to layers convert to rastor. Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel - Same Bevel! - Apply
  9. Draw tool again with the same settings as before. Draw a line across your heart using the same method as before. Remember to merge layers visible! You should have this.
  10. Layers convert to rastor layer, layers merge all visible.
  11. Go to freehand selection tool, Point to point zero feather, Anti-alias checked. Carefully select around the Left of your heart.
  12. Once selected - Hit DELETE. Now we will work on just that one half of your heart. Keep drawing lines from the center to the side so they are not overlapping the edges. See screenshot below! Remember, after each line layer you must convert to rastor, effects inner bevel, layers merge visible **Each Layer** as soon as you have applied the bevel! Now we want to draw lines in the opposite direction.
  13. Once you have all the lines and all layers are merged, go to layers, duplicate, image, mirror. Position into place! This is something like you should have now.
  14. Layers merge visible!!, WINDOWS DUPLICATE - keep that one safe as your master copy. This is your wired heart complete!

**To get the effects I got on my main graphic I duplicated the heart, put roses at angles then by duplicating layers and erasing little sections of either wire or rose, made it look as if the wires run through the roses. The rest is just imagination!!

Neat Huh? I know your creations will be awesome!!
Have fun!!