Brush Text Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Full Tilt Boogie Font

A very quick mini tutorial with no screenshots, to make the text brush used in my tag above

  1. Open a new image 255 x 255 in PSP7 and 400 x400 in PSP 8 or 9.
  2. Put a medium grey color on your fill/background for you text. Open your text tool, text size will vary, try around 36 in PSP7, larger will work in PSP8 and PSP9
  3. Layer - New Layer. Write your name down your text box making sure antialias and create as vector are both checked.
  4. Stretch your vector down to meet the bottom of your canvas.
  5. Open your text tool again, this time antialias checked, create as vector. Write your name omitting the first letter ie: laze (I dropped the B). Drag the side handles to stretch your text across the side of your canvas


  6. In PSP7 and 8, layers, convert to raster layer. Layers, merge all visible.
  7. PSP7 - Selection, select all.
  8. Brush tool - custon brush - create. Look in the little brush window and find at the bottom corner your text. Click on it in the small window. Go to your PSP folder in Program Files and find that UBrush, rename it. If you don't do this you will have several brushes, all gathering under that UBrush everytime, so make it then go to the brush folder and rename it.
  9. PSP8 - File - Export - Custom Brush. Write the name you wish as the file name. That's it
  10. Close that image. Open a new image using a nice soft color on your foreground. Place one or two interesting brushes around, on seperate layers. Add your corner name.

Hope you enjoy playing with this one