Desktop Calendar

Desktop Calendar

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Calendar Files

Giving your desktop a facelift can be fun and it does not have to be a fancy one. You can make it however you wish. We can all download this type of thing but why not make your own?

  1. First we need to determine the size of your desktop. Go to your desktop, right click anywhere in your blank desktop area then click onto properties
  2. This box pops up. Click on the settings tab
  3. Where it says screen resolution you can see what size your desktop screen is (yours may be different to mine here). Now we have to make allowances for your desktop icons. So take a screen shot of your desktop, here is how ...
  4. On your keyboard there is a key, it has PrtScn or Print Scrn on it. Have your desktop in full view with all other programs minimized!
  5. Hit the PrtScn button on your keyboard
  6. Now open PSP. Go to the top left hand corner of PSP and click Edit, Paste as a New Image
  7. Then go back to edit again and Empty Clipboard
  8. Your desktop is an image in PSP. This is a fairly good way to tell exactly how much room you have to play with. See how many pixels across your icons are. I worked out if I allow 200 pixels on the left this will leave my icons clearly in view!
  9. So if you like I am making the right side the pretty side
  10. Make the graphic of your choice either seasonal or whatever you wish. Remember placement is vital so you do not lose the icons. I always work with my rulers showing as in the below screenshot!
  11. Now close your screen shot down of your desktop down. You can keep if you wish to refer to.
  12. Open your new image, the size of your desktop screen (Do not try use the image you just took a Prntscn copy of, it is not big enough).
  13. Mine is 1280 x 1024. Yes its big but never the less that is the size we want. It is vital to work and save often and clear your command history as you are working on a big image!
  14. Work on your image util you have reached a point where you are happy with it, leaving that section for your desktop icons on the left free.
  15. Copy and paste the calender for December to the graphic remembering placement is vital, place it too low and you will lose it under the bottom toolbar.
  16. Add any text you wish. DO NOT MERGE ANYTHING! Now let's test it!
  17. Keeping your image open in PSP format, minimized in psp in case you need to adjust anything.
  18. Save the file as JPG: Save, Save copy AS - JPG
  19. Now go to your desktop, right click again, click desktop, browse to the folder where you saved the JPG, Position Center!
  20. Hit Ok. Now check it!

Ok? Or do you need some adjustments? Adjust as required until you are happy!

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial!

Have great fun!