Quickie Charlie Signature

Charlie Signature Tag

  1. Open a new image, 600 x 600.
  2. Choose a background color or texture. If you wish, a nice gradient fill looks great with this.
  3. Layers, new layer.
  4. Add your text at 48 bold. If you wish, you can select the text and add a Super Blade Pro preset finish to it.
  5. Add a mall dropped shadow; 2 horixontal and vertical, 50 opacity and 5 or 6 blur, color black.
  6. Add a new layer for Charlie. I exported the Charlie tube as a custom brush.
  7. When he is in place, add large drop shadow. Angle it so it away from him with these settings: Horizontal: 77, vertical: -6, opacity: 50, blur: 5, color: black.

Easy this one! I'm sure you could find other images to sit atop your signature.

Just have fun!