Cheats Mist

Cheats Mist

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Cheats Misted Script

Misting is the ability to use the freehand point to point selection tool correctly. The ability to create a work of art from a work of art. To realize that the artwork speaks to you. It teaches you understanding of the subject you are misting so to work sympathetically with it.

You cannot teach this with the scripting tool in PSP, it is the lazy creators way around things. Sorry if this, *My* opinion offends, but I feel it to be true. With a script someone else does the work you act like a robot clicking ok while the script does the work for you. Question : So when you mist these images with my script are you doing it or me? Answer : I wrote the script, you are pressing ok.

But the people that like to do the same move over and over again then here is the quick fix mist for tubes. I have called it *Cheats Mist. For many reasons the description is fitting. This is done as an exercise and is not part of my misting techniques barring the fact that these are of course my personal methods in the script.

So for all those of you that feel that a little cheating never hurt anyone, follow me.

  1. Unzip the attached into your My Documents/My Psp Files/Scripts Restricted Folder
  2. You must open an image that has been tubed already and must have a transparent background
  3. Double check that you only have one Layer. Delete any other layers by directly deleting from the layers palette. You need just the image to mist on its own layer.
  4. Go to Scripts - Run
  5. Browse to My documents/My Psp Files/ Scripts Restricted folder. Once inside choose Blaze Cheats Mist Tubes.pspscript
  6. When the window pops up as it runs through the script just keep hitting ok
  7. I have not included a final crop in the script. You do not need to get a misted image too close to the edges of the canvas, there should always be a space free around it!
  8. Now if you have any sharp edges you need to get rid of them. Increase your canvas size by around 50 pixels all around so you have lots of space for the feather. Get the freehand selection tool set at point to point, Feather of 18 to 23. Carve into the edge or area that is sharp, making sure that your selection does not touch the edge of the canvas or you will get a line.

I would or could have added a background and other bits and bobs to the script but, you would have nothing at all to do. Go on do it yourself, you never learn anything otherwise!

Feel Free to pass this Tutorial and my script around. I have no further use for it Lol! Old habits die hard, I really like the old fashioned way!