Checkered Flag

Checkered Flag
Original Artwork is used with kind permission of Allen Stevens
Tubed by Charisse

Materials needed for this tutorial:
Paint Shop Pro
Blaze's Checkered Mask

  1. Open (good size) Jpg of Choice
  2. Windows Duplicate *Close Original*
  3. Image Re-size Type in 500 x 500 *pixels*, All Layers - check Maintain Original Print size and uncheck - Lock Aspect Ratio
  4. Open Checkered Mask in PSP
  5. Make your chosen .jpg the Active image by clicking on it
  6. Layers - New Mask, Layer - From Image. From drop down list Checkered Mask - Source Luminance, CheckInvert Mask Data Check - Apply. Layers - Delete
  7. would you like this mask Merged into current layer:::Yes
  8. Image Resize:::400 x 400 *pixels*, uncheck *All Layers*
  9. Effects Dropped shadow, Color Black, -2 -2 Opacity 50 Blur 5.00, 3 Times
  10. Effects:::Artistic Effects::Hot Wax Coating
  11. Layers New Layer::Flood Fill White
  12. Layers::Arrange Send to Bottom
  13. Open Tube or Image
  14. Edit:::Copy::Edit::Paste as a new Layer
  15. Layers::Move Up
  16. Open Layers Palette, set layer blend mode to overlay or whichever mode you choose!
  17. Tidy up the image. You may find little bits of the mask left use the eraser on small setting
  18. Add your text

Have fun!