Cue -n- Brush

Cue -n- Brush

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Enhancements of your choice

Templates are things that we make and save to use over and over again. Or as we now have found out, they are these wonderful backgrounds we can share. For people to put their own enhancements on. You do which ever suits you of course this is one Idea.

In this tutorial we do not use outside filters at all, we use the spray can and contour and curlicues. All these are already in the PSP Program. We will explore these to make a unique template. No two People will make the same template for sure!

  1. File New Image, 600 x 600, Layers new Raster Layer.
  2. Choose your background color and drop it in.
  3. Layers New Raster Layer, selection tool, selection type (I chose rounded rectangle or choose a shape of your choosing), feather set to 18 and uncheck anti alias, mode replace
  4. Draw your selection leaving space around the outer edge
  5. Choose your colors or patterns, whatever you wish, I chose a gold pattern and black. One for your foreground and one for your background
  6. When you are using the airbrush or colors on your palette, you can quickly swap colors by clicking the little arrow in the middle so your foreground changes to your background
  7. See now you have swapped them. Go to your airbrush tool
  8. Set your airbrush up similar to this, I chose a square brush with these settings
  9. Now go to your canvas and start to make a pattern within the selected area. I went for a checkered pattern like below, it does not matter at this stage if it's slightly more to one side we can center it in a few minutes
  10. Make your pattern within the area you have selected. When you are happy, pick up the mover tool and whilst still selected, make it more central on the canvas. Now, still keeping this selected go to Effects - Contours
  11. Type in these settings: click the color square *Bottom Right* to pick a color from your pattern. Just take the little color dropper over your pattern and left click or right click. I chose light gold to make it look like a fabric
  12. When you are happy, click ok. Leave it selected. Why? It stops the effects from hitting the edge of your canvas to keep it within the frame so no ugly edges and the feather on the selection is softening the edge for you (Oh!:o)).
  13. Now go to Effects - Distortion effects Curlicues
  14. I just played until I found my liking. Here are my settings. I then saved the setting by hitting the tiny blue disk for future use!
    TIP: unchecking symmetric really can give some neat effects do not just hit the dice, try playing with typing numbers in and you will be surprised how versatile CC is!
  15. Ok go on then, Ctrl D to deselect or selections select none. Here is a mini sample of my template background, I added brushes in the same color and texture!

Ok now you have your basic template, what you put on it is up to you. That part of the fun is all yours!