Dashing Dings Mask

Beginners Template Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Tattooz Font

Masks are so easy to make. You can make them out of anything at all. First of all let me say you must make your mask fairly large, this is to suit larger images and it is better to have it larger than too small. The reason: If the image you are going to mask is larger than the mask then the mask will distort. If the Mask is larger or the same size this will work much better. Finishing your graphic with a lovely crisp edge mask can work wonders.

Heres how we do it with a Ding Font. I used Tattooz1. You do not need to install this in Windows Fonts to use it. All you need to do with this font is to open it then hit minimize. When you open your fonts *A* tool will show up in there.

  1. Open a new image, 650 x 650, flood fill with black
  2. With your selection tool set at rectangle as shown below, draw a panel on your right hand side, not too wide and not too narrow, approximately 100 pixels or so. It does not need to be too precise
  3. Put white on your flood fill tool, flood fill with the selected area of that panel with white
  4. Selections - select none
  5. Put black onto your fill tool as we are going to type the font in black. I chose the ding Tattooz1, size 48 bold, create as vector. I types the letter G 7 times. Apply
  6. With your text still with the vector box around it go to Image - Rotate - Free Rotate
  7. Make sure your settings are the same as mine below, 90% left
  8. With the vector still on the ding position, the ding on the very edge of the black box, you need to make sure the black merges with the black so there is no white line peeking through, kike mine here
  9. Now we need to pull those little handles, top and bottom to stretch it up and down a little. Add a drop shadow with these settings
  10. Take your selection tool again and select right to edges and a section of the black area as shown below
  11. Edit - Copy - Edit - Paste as a New Layer
  12. Selections - Select None
  13. Image - Mirror
  14. Now with your mover tool, move this section right across to the left side of your canvas. It should now look like this below
  15. Layers - Merge - all visible
  16. Now we want to type with your text tool, a single dash line for the top and bottom. I used Ariel 48 bold and typed a - dash 14 times. I then stretched it a little so it blended to the sides
  17. Layers - Convert to Raster, Layers - Duplicate, Image - Flip. Position your dash line. Now you have this on the top and bottom
  18. Layers - merge all visible
  19. Save your mask as a .jpg
  20. Now to use the mask simply open the image you wish to use. If the image is much smaller than your mask downsize the mask a little or vice versa
  21. Check the size of the mask against the size of the image then re-size by 90% Bi Cubic Re-sample. Even if you downsize twice 90% Bi-cubic Resample, this will not distort your image or your mask
  22. To apply the mask click on the photograph you are going to mask. Go to Layers - Mask From Image, pick your mask image from the drop down list
  23. Layers - Invert Mask/Adjustment, Layers - Delete box pops up saying "Would you like this mask merged into the layer below it". YES PLEASE
  24. Then you add a nice dropped shadow to your masked image a little text and you have your Dashing Ding Mask

Have great fun!