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Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Black and white tube

  1. Find a nice black and white PSP image or one of choice. We'll make the frame first, sort of back to front graphic with lots of mini images to sit within your frame or around it!
  2. File, New Image, width 250, height 400, transparent.
  3. Flood fill with white
  4. We are going to be swapping the background and foreground colors from black to white. Always use a Contrast colors, in other words if the edge of your graphic is white it is no use adding a white border. It must be a contrast to get to what we want here. So we have alternate borders of Black and white around our centre canvas
  5. Make black your background color. Image - add a border (Border Symetric Checked), type in 4, change your background to white.
  6. Image add a border, type in 2. Change background again to black.
  7. Image add a border, type in 12
  8. Keep repeating, changing colors for each border, White - 1, Black - 12, White - 2, Black - 2
  9. When you have all those borders go to Layers - Promote To Layer. Image - Resize - Canvas Size - 600 wide x 800 high, we need room to play!
  10. Get your magic wand, aet to 0 feather and 10 tolerance. Select the large white area in the middle by tapping your magic wand in the center of the white area so your marching ants are in the inner section. As you see below!
  11. Go to selections -invert, click delete, you should now have this
  12. Selections - Select none. Layers - merge all visible. Minimize this for a few minutes
  13. Now go back to the image you copied. Now this image you pasted into the frame. Get your selection tool set it to rectangle 0 feather anti alias checked. As shown, select a small long section
  14. Get your chosen graphic and windows duplicate, close the original. Edit - Copy, Edit - Paste as a new layer. Only half into the selected area as shown
  15. Edit copy paste ss a new image, now deselect that area and minimize!
  16. Now on this new image, black on your background palette. Image add a border - 2. Again a border with white - 2, black - 2.
  17. Now go to Effects - 3D Effects - Buttonize
  18. Now edit - copy. Click on your large framed image, edit - paste as a new layer!
  19. If you want to rotate it slightly go to Image - Rotate - all layers unchecked. Right or left, it's up to you, 25% either way.!
  20. Keep going back to your original image to select sections, add the borders then buttonize changing the setting slightly each time for different effects
  21. Copy and paste these panels to the large framed image. Add your dropped shadows, dings or effects. Play, play, play!

Whatever you do ....Have fun!!