Image Mirage

Image Mirage Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Filters Unlimited 2
A floral image

By going to image information you can see the size of each of your images, I try to make mine both the same size. Resize your background to the same size as your face image. Don't worry if this distorts your background JPG a little. Go to Image Resize and un-check the area that says *lock Aspect Ratio* (remember to recheck this afterwards). A Soft edge mask ((leave closed till you need this))

  1. Open both images in PSP, these are my choices. Do not open up your mask at this stage.
  2. You want the JPG as your background, go to Image - Arithmetic
  3. This box opens up. Make sure you only have these two images opened up in PSP. Hit the little drop down list and find your JPG, you want the IMAGE "2", your JPG as your background. Mine is flora I am using as the background
  4. Now type in these settings: Average - check, under modifiers - All Channels, Division - 1, Bias - -10 (this is minus 10), Clip Color Values - Check
  5. Click Ok. Now you have something like this.
  6. Go to Image - PROMOTE To Layer (this may already be done but check anyway). Now we apply our Mask. First close the PSP image down and the background JPG, the only two images open are the image above and your mask, which you now need to open in psp,if it is a jpg mask. If you are using the mask supplied go to Mask - From Image
  7. Find the mask, this one is called dmsk0055
  8. Source Luminance, Invert Mask Data, OK. Go to Masks - Invert
  9. Back to Masks - Delete
  10. YES
  11. Now go to Image Increase Canvas size and increase to - 600 x 600. Add a bottom layer of white, check around to see if there are any stray pixels from the mask. Use your eraser tool to gently erase these away, settings as shown
  12. Now duplicate your top layer with the image on it then go to Image re-size - All layers unchecked and reduce to 80%
  13. Now using the mover tool put this layer in the corner. Lower the layer opacity
  14. When you are happy with all your layers and your background layer is on, go to Layers Merge All Visible. Go to Effects - IC Net Software Filters Unlimited 2.00 and apply the Buttons and Frames 3D Glass Frame 1. Adjust the settings as shown by moving the little sliders
  15. Now add your text and your imagination and Play!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Have great Fun!