Image in Shape

Image in Shape Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
A large graphic

The tutorial is all about shape. You are going to use several tools to get to the end result, starting with the preset shapes tool. The above image in its finished state has a mask added to it. What you are learning is the effect within when you are finished you can add any mask or frame of your choosing.

  1. Find a good sized Jpg that you wish to use or take the one included in the Presets file
  2. Put the attached ©Blaze_PorcelainFrame preset and the ©Blaze_SeamlessTile into your My document/my psp files / presets, (not preset shapes)
  3. Minimize this in PSP for a while
  4. Open a new image, transparent background, 650 x 650
  5. Click on your background color box, the texture button
  6. Find your image under the pattern tab by clicking where you see the tiny arrow. Mine says image 4 yours will be whatever the name of your chosen image is called, click it
  7. Your chosen image will now be in the current pattern window. Make sure your angle is set to 0 and your scale is at 100
  8. Now your color boxes should look like this
  9. Go to your preset shapes tool and select preset shape
  10. From the box that opens up, click the tiny down arrow to open this window up. Choose your design, I chose DIV12. By choosing one or two of the others I would lose too much of my picture if the preset shape has too many blank areas for this tutorial
  11. Use the settings as shown
  12. Draw the preset shape, start at the top left hand corner from about the 100 pixels. Mark until you have as much of the picture as possible whilst leaving a good gap around it
  13. Layers - Covert to Raster layer, Layers - New Raster layer, Layers - Send to Bottom
  14. Now flood fill that layer with a color from the graphic. I chose the pale yellow, I also clicked the orange so that I could have two colors on my background. I then picked up the change to target brush and swept it across the top section of the background. As you can see I have a subtle change in colors here. This is up to you do what your image asks
  15. Go to Effects - Texture Effects - Fine Leather. When the box opens up look for my preset ©Blaze_Porcelain Frame, apply to your background layer only!
  16. Click on your layer palette duplicate your image layer twice
  17. Rename your layers as below and close layers, 2 and 3 by clicking the eye
  18. Click onto copy 1 and add a deep dropped shadow, Effects - 3D effects - dropped shadow. Use these settings as shown below, I used mid brown for my shadow not black as it is too harsh
  19. Go to Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling, look for the ©Blaze_Seamless Tile where it says Presets, apply
  20. Repeat the seamless tile once more on the same settings
  21. Go back to your layers palette and click the slider on the layer and lower the opacity to around 45 to 50%
  22. Now go back to your image and with your mover tool pick up copy 1 layer and move across to the Left of the canvas and down toward the bottom left hand corner, just so it is off center
  23. Go back to your layers palette and uncheck Copy2 layer. Add the same dropped shadow then click the layers palette where it says normal, click this arrow. When the drop down menu comes up go to multiply (or a setting you choose) then use the slider to lower the opacity of that layer also I dropped to 66%
  24. Now position this layer with your mover tool just off center to the right and down slightly
  25. Repeat the same steps on the final layer, Copy3, except for the opacity which I drop only to 80% to deepen the colors a little. I position layer 3 up toward the top right hand corner. This is how my layer palette looks now

And my graphic looks like this. You can see how I have positioned the layers so the clarity is lost and it adds more interest and depth to the graphic. The shadows and edges also add interest and dimension!

All you need to do now is add your frame or a mask, add your text and you are finished.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.