Paint a Template

Paint a Template Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Fantastic Machines Paint Engine

  1. Open a New Image, 600 x 600.
  2. Choose a nice color from your image with your color picker.
  3. Layers New Layer, flood fill with this color.
  4. Go to your image or tube, Edit - Copy, Edit - Paste - As a New Layer.
  5. Image resize, type in 140% percent, this makes it larger, make sure you have percent **not pixels**. Check that bi-cubic is checked, maintain original print size is unchecked, all layers unchecked
  6. You may want to resize this again if it does not nearly cover the canvas. Don't worry if it looks odd
  7. Repeat the resize, we want it big
  8. When you have it the large size, place it in a corner or in a spot that looks nice but leave some background showing through
  9. Now go to your layers palette and lower the opacity right down to around 30%
  10. Layers - Merge All Visible, Effects - Plugins - Fantastic Machines Paint Engine. Hit the random button for your chosen effect or copy my settings
  11. Image Resize - all layers unchecked - 90%.
  12. Add your mask of choice, I added one from disk called dmmask98. I then inverted mask and layers delete.
  13. Now you can stop here and do whatever you wish or like me carry on. I went a little further and added a soft dropped shadow to my layer with a darker color from my image at around 55 opacity.
  14. Layers Duplicate. Effects - Geometric Effects - Spherize - -95
  15. Add some text and you have your Painted Template. I simply added text to keep it light and bright!

Have fun with Paint Engine!