Peep 'O'Template

Peep 'O'

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Peep files

This tutorial is actually fairly easy but it gives a good effect. The shape is made from Ding. There are two ways to get your shape for the peep hole. Either download my Blaze_splash.PspShape preset and put in your shapes folder in my documents, PSP files. And work on your own. Or use the one I have supplied with a gold rim, In PSP format.

  1. Open the Blaze_Peep_Frame1.pspimage in PSP, Windows - Duplicate, close the original. Yes I know it is very large but I believe we should have masses of space around us and we can cut it down in a while!
  2. Layers - New Raster Layer, Layers - Arrange - Send to Bottom
  3. Flood Fill with white (you can use any color but this is best for e mails)
  4. Go to your layers palette and click on the peep frame layer
  5. Go to your Magic Wand and make sure you have these settings
  6. Go to the image and click on it, outside the peep frame. This is what it should look like now!
  7. Flood fill within the marching ants so the outside of the peep frame is filled
  8. Now check that your peep frame is filled on the outside of the frame by checking your layers palette!
  9. Now lets fill your peep frame with an image. You can use the one supplied if you wish. Your image should be large, we'll make our adjustments around it
  10. Edit - copy, Edit - Paste as a new layer. Layers - move down. You want it beneath the peep frame
  11. If your image is small we need to start making adjustments straight away. As you can see the main image has gaps around it.
  12. This is where we need to adjust according to the size of your graphic. As mine is only marginally smaller I use the raster deform tool
  13. I advise you only to use this to stretch a little or it will distort your image. If your image is much smaller then you will need to downsize the layer with the peep frame on it, then use the deform tool to manipulate it!
  14. Ok check that none of your image is showing on the outside of the frame, which may happen if you are downsizing the frame layer. **NOTE** To get out of the raster deform tool option click any other tool!
  15. Ok check that none of your image is showing on the outside of the frame, which may happen if you are downsizing the frame layer. if it is, erase these areas
  16. Now go to the frame layer on your layers palette, click on it. Effects - dropped shadow, using these settings: Offset - 0, Horizontal -38 (that is minus), Opac - 48, Blur - 5, Color - Black
  17. Now you can finish there or add a little extra to it. Layers - New Layer, making sure it is the top layer. Get the gold fill attached and fill your bucket tool with it. flood fill. Go to your layers palette (making sure your top layer is selected) click the little > and change from normal to screen. Slide the arrows to 40
  18. Grab your freehand selection tool, type 45 in the feather box
  19. Select the very center of the eye, hit delete. That will give you a light golden glow to your graphic. Downsize to suit!

Have fun with this