Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Rainbow files

  1. Take the attached image and open in PSP. File - Export as a picture tube. This must be exported as a tube to work correctly. When the Tube Exporter pops up leave all the boxes as they are just type in the name of the image, *The original you can see behind* - if you have opened it behind as I have. Just write the beginning of the name as the original and let PSP tube exporter put in the file extension itself. That's it. Click ok and close the original
  2. Grab your text tool<, look for the font you want to use. Choose a big bold one or use the one I have supplied. Bold gives you a better effect. Put white on your Foreground and Background!
  3. File - New Image - 550 x 550, give yourself room depending on the text you are wishing to write. font I used attached *Fancy Pants Size 48
  4. Minimize in taskbar if you wish to use it. Open your text box and look for your Fancy Pants Font!
  5. Write your text making sure your text box is set with *Anitalias checked and Floating!!. Apply your text and leave selected!
  6. Grab your Tubes tool and find the Rainbow tube in the tubes window!
  7. Adjust the scale by clicking the tiny arrow and put it on about 68 or 70. Apply the rainbow into the Selected Text areas - just a little here and there. It should look similar to this. Do not do too much!
  8. Selections - Promote Selection to layer - Selections select none. Effects - 3D Effects - Dropped Shadow, color dark grey, -3, -3, 25 opacity, 14 Blur
  9. Layers - New Layer. Apply your rainbow so it goes over your text, size to suit
  10. Now go to the Layers palette and slide down the opacity a little just to soften. Then add your tubes or images!

Simple is sometimes better. Have fun with this one!