Selecting Accents

Selecting Accents Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Eye Candy 4000
Water Drop Preset

  1. Unzip all your presets to your Eye Candy 4000 settings 'WATER DROPS FOLDER'
  2. For any of these examples open a new image 600 x 600.
  3. Grab your selection tool set at zero feather, Anti Alias Checked.
  4. Choose stars or whichever selection shape you want to use. **Note** you do not need to fill these at all**
  5. Keeping your finger pressed down on the shift button.
    If you release the shift it does not work but you can still undo and redo
  6. Draw a lot of little shapes. This may take practice but by not releasing you will be able to have lots of selections, floating, like below!
  7. Keep them away from each other, it should look like this, I have put a black layer under them for you to see!
  8. Leave selected. Go to windows DUPLICATE. Save that file and keep it as a template with all those floating selections. Save you keep doing it! Everytime you want it you open and duplicate closing the original.
  9. Now working on the duplicate image go to Eye Candy, Water Drops and look for the presets Blaze. Pop on any one of them, the ones with color are best. Try them all. Apply!
  10. Add your tubes and drop shadow. That is it!
By making copies of your layers as you do them you can keep resizing, flipping and mirroring. This will give you various layers of larger and smaller stars or shapes.

After you have the selections drop in a gradient, then effects, then effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000, water drops, settings. Choose the BlazeNearlyclear preset. Choose a big bold font! Text tool, write your words making sure anti alias on your text box is selected, as well as floating, with a white stroke and fill. Apply! Selections Modify, Selections Defloat. Hit the delete key. Your text should be empty of color. Go to Eye Candy and pop on any of the presets. Add a dropped shadow and a little imagination! The sky is the limit! Try preset shapes, anything and everything

Have fun