Selecting Patterns

Selecting Patterns Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Water Drop Preset
Small square pattern

  1. Pop my preset into Eye Candy 4000 settings, Water Drops Folder
  2. Open up your little tile in psp and minimize for now. (by not putting it in the psp patterns folder it means you can have hundreds of patterns in a folder in my documents and never worry about PSP taking ages to load them)
  3. File New Image, 600 x 600, transparent back. Now go to your color palette on the right hand side where you change your colors, you have three options you can have color, gradient or patterns
  4. That little dotted area is your patterns fill, click it. Now a pattern will appear in that box, click the pattern itself and a box will pop up.
  5. This has all your patterns in it. The one you have got minimized in psp is now appearing there. Now we want both your style and fill boxes showing your pattern. Top box is style bottom is fill so repeat the last steps to get that pattern on both squares as below!
  6. Grab your preset shapes tool and select your shape. You have several to choose from, I have chosen a heart for this example. Uncheck retain style, check anti alias, check create as vector
  7. Dragging your mouse from your left to your right, place a good sized heart in the center of your empty canvas. Remember to leave space to add your tubes or image.
  8. Grab the handles on the side of that shape to pull it to the size you want.
  9. Go to layers, convert to raster layer
  10. Go to selections, select all, selections, float
  11. Go to selections, modify, feather and type 20 in the box. This gets rid of jaggies. OK
  12. Keep it selected and go to effects, plugins, Eye Candy, water drops, ettings, Blaze Preset nearlyclear. Apply and leave selected
  13. Go to colors, adjust,, gamma correction, check, link. Push the sliders to 5:00 then go to effects, edge, enhance
  14. Go to colors, colorize. Colorize to your liking
  15. Add your images and enhancements
  16. Add the same pattern to your text, if you choose

Textures are everywhere. Use them to the fullest. The limits are your imagination.

Have fun!