Shapes Mask

Shapes Mask Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Water Drop Preset

This tutorial is written in PSP8 but can easily be done in 7 and 9. We are going to save this mask as a .JPG mask as there is little or no difference to the end result. These can be put in a folder and used from browse within Jasc. This is a simple shapes mask that can be as complex or as simple as you wish, for now we shall stick with simple.

  1. Open up PSP, go to file, new image
  2. Make black your background color and click on your shapes too
  3. Put white on your background andmake your background null (this means switch it off). By clicking the circle with the line across this switches your color off.
  4. Now your presets tool should be set like this: retain style - unchecked, create as vector - checked, anti alias - checked.
  5. Where you see the heart you see a tiny arrow head pointing down, click that. The bottom screen opens up with all your shapes in it, choose a shape that you like, I chose the heart.
  6. Draw as many of your chosen shapes as you wish, keeping them away from the edge of your image. I drew some small, some large and some overlapping. Each time you draw, a box will appear around them, don't worry about this right now. As soon as you start to draw your next shape that vanishes. If you like it, then go to layers merge - all visible. File - SAVE AS A .JPG. This is a very downsized version of what I have, you see I have overlapped some of my shapes but not touched the edge.
  7. Open a JPG image of your choice, I chose a flower. You need to try to make your chosen JPG the approximately the same size as your mask or it will look distorted. This is a mistake a lot of people make. If your chosen JPG is bigger, then we need to make it the same size as your mask. Go to Image Resize, on the top you see Original Dimensions. My longest side is the height, that is the one I adjust. I type into width - 450 and the top one will automatically adjust itself.
  8. Make sure your settings are as shown above and click ok. Now I have my two image, my heart mask and my re-sized JPG open in PSP.
  9. Now we want to put the mask onto the flower image. First click on your flower image to make it active then go to Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image.
  10. Here you see, in this box, your mask and your JPG. We want to click on the mask image. **Note if you did not save both these files as psp files they will show in this box as Image1 and Image 2 so you need to know which number is your mask image. Make sure Source Luminance is checked - Invert Mask Data.
  11. Hit OK. Now this is what you should have. Dont Panic!
  12. Go to layers - Invert Mask/Adjustment
  13. This is what you now have.
  14. Go to Layers - Delete.
  15. This box will pop up, click YES.

Now you have your masked image. The rest is up to you. Playtime is what its all about!
Have fun!