Simply Colored

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Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Image or tube of your choice

  1. Open PSP and find yourself a JPG or image
  2. Windows duplicate, close the original
  3. Layers, promote background to layer. Windows duplicate
  4. On one of your image layers go to image (colors in PSP 7), Greyscale
  5. Image - Increase Colors to 16million, Edit - Copy, click your colored image, Edit - Paste as a new layer
  6. Eraser Tool (adjust the Size to suit the area you are erasing) erase away the areas you want color to show through
    Step 6 note
    This is a soft eraser you do not want a hard edge.
  7. When you are happy, slightly lower the opacity of your erased grey scale layer to around 86. Not too much you just want a slight hint peeking through
  8. Layers Merge all visible
  9. Add your text and a frame or mask.

Have fun!