Soft and Stylized

Soft and Stylized Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
VM Stylized Motion Trail Wild
Image of your choice

  1. Open your JPG. If its not black and white go to Image - Greyscale, Image Increase Color Depth - 16million colors
  2. Go to Adjust, Soft Focus Type in these settings below (If you picture is very dark do this twice).
  3. Effects - Edge Effects, offset type in these settings
  4. Effects - Plugins, either VM - Stylize or IC Net Software - Filters Unlimited. Find the VM Stylize Filter Motion Trail Wild. Use the settings Below. For this tutorial I leave the color as it is I do not touch the bottom 3 settings.
  5. Now we add the Atmosphere! Effects - Illumination effects - Lights. Type in the settings you see in the image below. You can change the spotlight color, keep the hue darker or it will be too bright. I could have simply colorized but we want to create atmosphere which can't be created with simply colorizing.
  6. Now add your enhancements. I used a preset shape with pink on my fill and black on the stroke. Added my text (font used is Barret Iorn Work).
  7. Add a 4 pixel black border all around to neaten the edges
  8. Add your text

Have fun with this tutorial