Stretch Text

Stretch Text Tag

Materials needed for this tutorial:
PaintShop Pro
Stretch Text Supplies

  1. Open your Long Cool Woman font and minimize in the taskbar
  2. Open your main tube in PSP. If it is a colored tube, go to colors - grey scale, go to colors again - Increase Color Depth - 16 million colors.
  3. Grab your text tool and find the Long Cool Woman text from the drop down box, font size - 170. Make sure Anti Alias and Vector is checked!.
  4. Pick up your Mover tool and place the text towards the center of the canvas by clicking on the center of the box. Then on the top tiny box drag up your text stretching upwards. Leave a gap at the top as shown below!
  5. Use the side boxes to make the text stretch across the canvas. Remember to leave some space all around it Go to Layers - Convert to Raster layer, then Selections - Select All - Selections - Selections Float, next, Effect - Reflection Effects - Pattern.
  6. Type in these settings or play for your own!
  7. Selections - Select None, Effects - 3D Effects - Dropped Shadow.
  8. Apply these settings *This is a minus (-) sign in front of the Vertical and horizontal!
  9. Effects - 3D, Effects - Inner Bevel.
  10. Apply The Blaze Bevel from the drop down menu and click ok.
  11. Now add your tube and your dings or accents for your own unique effect!

As ever have fun!!