Woman Power

Woman Power Tag

  1. Unzip Blaze's Fire Preset to your Eye Candy settings folder called fire.
  2. Unzip Blaze's Weave Preset to the weave folder in Eye Candy.
  3. Get your JPG, windows duplicate, close the original.
  4. Layers Promote to Layer.
  5. Image Resize to 140%. Make sure all layers are unchecked.
  6. Image Canvas Size, resize to 600 x 700, Bicubic re-sample.
  7. Now please duplicate this again then, minimize this copy in psp.
  8. Go to Effects, Noise, Edge Preserving Smooth and type in 4.
  9. Effects Sharpen, Sharpen.
  10. Selections, Select all, Selections, Float.
  11. Effects Plugins - ICNet software, Filters Unlimited (or Italian Editors), Effect - Picture within a Picture, Miscela - 110, Radio - 129, Click OK.
  12. Selections, Select None.
  13. Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000, Weave. Go to settings and apply the Blaze_weave Preset.
  14. Image, Resize, 90% of the original, all layers unchecked.
  15. Xenofex2, Burnt Edges - Settings, Ragged Edge for thin Selection. Now type in the Numbers on the next screenshot.
  16. Make sure your colors are as above or it will not be the same. A very dark brown and a mustard color are the default colors of the program. Hit ok to Apply!
  17. Now get the minimized JPG from earlier, open it up. Grab your Freehand Selection tool, settings: Point to Point, Feather: 18. You do not have to be over careful doing this, but trace within the outline of the subject, such as the woman in this instance. Click all the way around. If you make a wrong move just press delete, that will undo the move. You Should have something like this.
  18. Now your Ants are marching. Go to Edit, Copy. Now click on your Weave background. Go to Edit, Paste as a new Layer!
  19. Position the woman where you want on the weave back. Click onto the weave background to make it the active layer.
  20. Go to Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy, Fire. Apply the Blaze_Fire1 Preset from the settings list.
  21. Now go back to Eye Candy and apply the Blaze Fire2Preset, click OK. The font I used is called Welton Urban. I applied a deep dropped shadow the same color as the flames then, the Blaze_fire2 preset.

The rest is up to you! Have great fun with this Tutorial